Whenever I go on the Filofax website to look at organisers, I always filter by “leather”. I love organisers made from leather. I know it sounds snobbish, but even if I had to own just one, it would have to be leather. I remember when I just started working and didn’t have a lot to spare, I wanted to get a Filofax A5. I looked at something similar to a sketch and almost bought it. But something stopped me and I decided to save up for a leather one. Then I came across a sale at Samsonite and they were selling these beautiful leather binders at dirt cheap prices because they were getting rid of the stock. I finally got my leather binder.

I know leather can be difficult to clean, especially in lighter colours. I know they tend to get scratched and may start peeling. I know leather items need a lot of TLC, but I think it’s worth it. Leather never goes out of style and if it’s good quality, it can age beautifully.

For me, leather is luxury. I love the feel of beautifully made leather. If they’re hand crafted, even better. I love the feel of my Malden, Charleston, Osterly, Original (all filofaxes) and Midori. My wallet, my bags, my shoes, my belt all have to be leather. I probably own only 2 canvas bags and even those have leather trimming.  Some of my nicest notebooks collected over the years are leather. I’ve collected special editions of classic novels bound in leather. I don’t know how long my bank balance can put up with my preference, but at least I know whatever I have, will last because they are leather.