You know you’re a planner geek when….

  1. You spend hours on the internet reading and re-reading blogs about planners until you have certain posts memorised
  2. You have email alerts set up for planner sales and discounts
  3. You walk into a craft store and immediately become excited when they sell washi tape in a variety of designs and sizes
  4. You day dream about tweaking your set up
  5. Your idea of relaxation is looking at websites that sell planners
  6. You have separate bookmark category called “Planners” on your web browser
  7. You feel like you’ve left your arm at home if you forget your planner
  8. Your favourite days of the week are Tuesdays and Saturdays because that’s when Web Finds comes out on Philofaxy
  9. You can find the planner section in your local store blindfolded
  10. Your idea of a wonderful gift for your six year old daughter is a purple pocket organiser
  11. You are “oh so proud” when you see your daughter pretend to write important stuff in her organiser
  12. You immediately notice someone carrying a planner in a TV show or a movie, and try to guess which one it is
  13. You stare people carrying a planner hoping they would look back at you with a sense of camaraderie
  14. Your top suggestions from Amazon and your top YouTube video picks almost always include something planner related
  15. You definitely own more than one planner, in more than one size and still can’t decide which one to use

Please feel free to add on….