I read a number of articles online debating the issue of handwriting. While a great many were in favour of teaching cursive at school, there were some who contended that “cursive writing” was a lost skill that was no longer useful.

i know that I first learned to write in print and with time came the cursive writing. I remember my mother constantly stressing that I needed to improve my handwriting. My handwriting isn’t so bad and I can still write legibly in both print and cursive. Sadly, though there are not many people who can read my cursive writing. I thought it was my writing that was a problem. But as read the articles, I was surprised to learn that people who can’t write cursive, can’t read cursive very well either. So more and more, I am now faced with the dilemma of whether to write in cursive or to write in print. While print is legible to all and neater, it is definitely slower. But I really like my cursive, because it’s faster and it’s more me. I’m definitely not giving up on cursive and I don’t think people should either.