I have a phobia. The technical term is ornithophobia. The general term is fear of birds. The thing about having a phobia is that it is irrational. The word irrational is built into the definition. I know my fear is irrational in most cases. I mean, what is sparrow on the street going to do me? The rational part of my brain says “nothing”. Yet, if I see a bird on a sidewalk, I will most definitely change directions.

In a way, I’m lucky that my phobia is not particularly debilitating unless I consider lunch at an outdoor cafe where birds like to frequent. But, I can imagine how people with other kinds of phobia might be going through. For many, having a phobia can lead to a change in lifestyle and in some cases not being able to lead a normal life at all.

I’ve never tried to seek help for my phobia. I’ve been living with it since I was 10 and I’ve never really needed to. I don’t know how it began but for most people it stems from some traumatic experience. I don’t remember anything so traumatising. But the one thing I’m trying to do is overcome my fear at least in my daughter’s presence so I don’t pass it on to her.

It gives me some solace to know, many people also suffer from the same problem. So it’s good to know I’m not the only irrational person in the world.