That ominous feeling I had is gone. NYE actually went off well. It’s a good feeling to wake up on New Year’s day without a crazy hangover, vowing never to overdo it again. I can’t remember the last time I was a functional human being on the first day of the year. I guess, things change with time. People change and that’s not always necessarily a bad thing. We grow up, we mature and I know I have. Not that I have ever regretted the things I’ve done, because that’s part of the process of growing up.

The one thought that did come to mind over the new year was wishing that the world would be a better place in 2015. The world has a lot of suffering that we cannot change, like diseases, accidents and natural disasters. Why add to the misery with war, fighting and destruction. I know I can’t change this world either, but I can hope & pray that the people will change their minds for the better.