The world of gaming

I’ve never much been one to be addicted to video games. Sure, I played the atari or nintendo growing up. But, Mario rescuing the Princess was never the reason for my existence. Thinking about it, I really always enjoyed playing sports outdoor that on the TV screen and things haven’t changed. I don’t have any games on my laptop, iPad or phone. To some, that would be plain weird. I have tried playing a few games from time to time, but mostly always get bored and can never keep at it. I see some people getting lost in the world of a game, so easily able to pass their time. But for me, I’d rather open up the kindle app, or even just write something for my blog, write online reviews etc. May be it’s about time I give it a try. I think I’ll download a game today and see how far I get.

2 thoughts on “The world of gaming

  1. There are several wonderful gaming available. There are apps, console games, PC games and Massive multiplayer online role-playing games that offer socialization, cooperation, and management enhancements.
    Not playing games is not weird simply indicates that you are not a gamer. Sounds like you prefer a substantial return on your time spent working on a project or specific activity. MMORPGs offer these attributes in game. You may enjoy.

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