wpid-20150103_171824-1.jpgI’m not a big fan of lipsticks, let alone red. But when a friend convinced me to at least try it out, I found myself looking at the rows of reds in the MAC store. The SA was really helpful and took out all the reds they had for me to try out, ranging from light to deep, with different undertones. I was sceptical about Ruby Woo because the reviews said that it’s really dry and I have dry lips already.

After trying out all the other shades, I tried out the Ruby Woo and it looked simply fantastic. No other colour even came close. MAC calls it a “retro matte”, and I think it is this dry matte effect that adds to the charm. It’s a really bright red, so if it had been even slightly glossy, I don’t think it would have looked as good. Yes, it’s really sticky and matte but for some reason, once you put it on, it’s not really that dry. I didn’t feel like my lips were tight or cracking, as I’ve experiences with a number of other matte lipsticks.

I was so surprised that red could look good on me. But I think if it can look good on me, this colour will suit anyone. Ruby Woo is definitely the way to go.