13 Feb 2015

I’ve been going through a difficult time. So, I took a break from writing. I’ve been through many trying times in my life, but this time I’m very confused. I feel like I’m at the crossroads and one different action can mean a big change in my life. How do people deal with such things? I don’t want to decide something only to regret it later. There’s no guide book and no amount of advice can help me. A decision has to be made over the course of a conversation between two people. As the moment nears, I am confused and terrified. I read somewhere today that we shouldn’t blame people for hurting us, we should never let them hurt us in the first place. I wish life were that easy. Never letting anyone hurt you would mean never letting your guard down, never feeling anything and never falling in love. Now, what kind of life would that really be?

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