I heard this awful song the other day by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea called Pretty Girls (sorry if I offended anyone). As terrible as the song sounds, I couldn’t help but be amused at the lyrics. In my opinion, there’s a lot of truth to the lyrics.

Case in point… I was speaking to a co-worker+friend who told me he was having trouble with a girl from a certain department. She went so far as to complain about him to his manager, saying that he was standoffish and borderline rude. He told me he had done nothing wrong and dealt with her like he would any other person, very professionally. Few days down the line, I got around to seeing what she looked like and the effect she had on the guys on the floor. My friend is quite the handsome guy, and he’s single. The next time we had coffee, I told him that the reason she was complaining was that she was “a pretty girl”. He scratched his head, obviously. I had to explain to my naive friend, that pretty girls are used to getting their way and getting a certain amount of attention from people. So where all the guys on the floor accommodated her, his lack of noticing her looks, was something she didn’t understand or couldn’t accept. He couldn’t believe what I was saying. I told him to take her to coffee (which would give her the attention) and tell her that his girlfriend told him that he should talk out the situation (to explain why he doesn’t flirt with her). She never gave him trouble again!

It may be unfair and even wrong, but the truth is pretty girls do get by on a smile, even when they don’t need to. They do get to flash a smile and jump ahead in line, they do get served faster and many of them do use it to their advantage.

I’m just amused by the whole concept and this post is in no way meant to hurt or put down anyone.