I just don’t understand how people can have no respect for another person’s time. I mean life is busy for everyone and for many, time really is money, yet some people just don’t seem to care. 

The doctor’s office is the worst. Recently, I’ve been going to a series of doctors and it’s just annoying to be sitting for 45 min even when you have an appointment. I try to show up early so that I can register and all, yet it doesn’t matter. Why give out appointments when you clearly just call people by the order they come in? 

I’m sorry about venting but I really think people need to have more respect for other people’s time. I constantly experience people showing up late for meetings. Ok, 5 minutes may be acceptable but 30 minutes? Why would you leave late if you know that you may have to drive around looking for a location? It’s not right at all. Sometimes I feel people are losing their basic values.