My Filofax combo

It’s been a while since I decided to change up my planning tools. I did change a few things in between but mostly I’ve been using the A5. I’ve been switching between using the Filofax A5 and the Clipbook.

Most of my planning revolves around my work with a few personal chores in between. So I’ve always focused on a planner for work and just put in some of my personal reminders. This is why I’ve been going back to using the A5. It’s a lot more convenient to use for work. I’ve tried separate binders for work and personal life but I end up writing almost nothing in the personal and eventually shift everything to the work binder. Then the problem is, the A5 eventually become bulky and pretty heavy to carry around. By now I have some info in the A5 that I use as reference and I don’t want to have to transfer everything again to a personal.

So here’s what I’m trying out….. Using 2 Filofaxes again – a Personal and an A5. This is dangerous territory for me. I’ve never been able to make two planners work. I know so many bloggers out there do a fantastic job of keeping things in sync and using two planners, but I’ve always failed miserably at it.

So what’s different this time?

I’m thinking I’ll set some ground rules.

  1. No duplicate calendars. I’ll use just one calendar with appointments and to-dos in my Personal. I may have a yearly calendar in my A5 so I can refer to dates
  2. Contacts and personal info like expenses will go in the Personal
  3. Meeting notes and work reference go in the A5
  4. Any loose paper can be transferred to the A5
  5. Any meeting action points to be transferred to the Personal

This way I can carry my Personal with me while I leave the A5 at work or in the car. Sure, this also means I would occasionally be carrying both but, the goal is to make sure it doesn’t happen often.

So here goes my attempt at changing my planning technique. I know many of you have mastered this art perfectly and for many it’s still work in progress. Either way, I would love here your thoughts or tips.

6 thoughts on “My Filofax combo

  1. I love A5 Filofaxes as well but they are too heavy, so I ended up using an A5 notebook in a Flex as a bullet journal for work notes and information. I keep a personal size Filofax for everything else. It’s much easier on my shoulders!

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    1. Yes I completely agree. The flex is a great alternative. I’ve just recently started keeping a Hobonichi techo cousin, which is an A5 size for work. I leave it at work or in my car. The FF personal is more my personal/ scheduling everyday carry.


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