Studying with e-books?

No way, I just couldn’t do it. I tried. I honestly did. But, I guess I’m just old school. I recently gave an exam for a professional qualification. I started studying around 6 months before the exam. So when you sign up, you can choose to get either e-books or, printed versions or, both. At first, I thought… Wow having e-books would be so convenient. I would be able to carry them around every where and get a little bit of reading done at any time. I have finished a number of books on my kindle, tablet and phone, so the prospect didn’t seem so far fetched.

But when it comes to actually studying, I realised it was next to impossible for me. Not only did my eyes get tired faster, I couldn’t really retain information. I don’t know why. May be it has something to do with the scrolling or, it’s just me getting old.

I’m sure there are people out there who would be laughing at this post right now. I know there are, since Amazon has a whole range of options of renting text books online for a semester. I suppose it’s not so bad if the books are for reference only (easier to hit the search function too). But, when it comes to actual studying, I need to highlight, underline, mark, write little notes to myself. I guess, I needed the extra active studying because I hadn’t really done in so long. Anyway, I gave up in a few days and just waited for my printed books to arrive. As heavy as they were, I decided to carry a book around some of the time, because I realised an e-textbook just wasn’t my thing.


7 thoughts on “Studying with e-books?

  1. I completely agree. The only way I can get on with e-books for study is in a desktop app, on a big monitor – where I can either have it open 2 pages to view on a second screen, or flick back and forth from it. On a Kindle sized device it just doesn’t work.

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  2. You can highlight, underline, mark and write little notes on a kindle too! I love it for that. And you can easily refer back to any bookmarks or highlights and notes in a second too. But I understand both sides of the coin. It can be difficult to adjust. Also….a few days? You should have given yourself at least a week πŸ˜‰

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  3. I love my e-reader for “fun” reading, but to study with, I need the actual, physical book. I tried taking an accounting course just using the e-book, total fail. I realize that you can highlight, annotate, and search notes, but there’s something about actually holding the highlighter and physically writing out notes, that makes it ‘stick’. You are not alone.

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