The flames that never got started


In a previous post, I mentioned how I had found my friend after many years. Well, there’s another part to that story. Continuing on, we got into a discussion reminiscing old times obviously. And to my utter surprise, he said he had the biggest crush on me back then. Apparently, his whole reason for hanging out with us, coming around, was to see me. I obviously had no clue he felt this way. In fact, we were all convinced that he was in love with another friend of ours. And we even teased her about it. Wow, little did we now, how wrong we were.

I was always friendly with him. But at the time, I was seriously crushing on someone else and I remember even telling him about it. I never really understood why he stopped coming around soon after that. Now it makes sense, I guess.

I know it all sounds like some bad romantic comedy or teenage drama movie. But it seems things like these actually happen in real life too. I couldn’t help but wonder after that how many of these incidences they may have been. I don’t mean how many people had a crush on me (LOL), but rather how many times did someone just never reveal their feelings about someone they liked. I don’t know. Had he told me how he felt, what would have happened? May be it would  have ruined our friendship or may be it could have turned into something wonderful.  Could I have been the one that got away? We will never know…

4 thoughts on “The flames that never got started

    1. That’s a lovely story. I can relate to what you’re saying, seeing how my friends have matured or turned out since high school. And I probably wouldn’t have dated my current partner in high school either. 😊

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  1. Ah the mysteries of teenage love. I remember pretending to like someone just so the person I REALLY liked wouldn’t catch on. I wanted to play, flirt and goof off with the guy that I liked WITHOUT anyone knowing it was because I had a crush on him. It worked…until I got drunk and spilled the beans lol

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