So I see everyone sharing their log and count of books they’ve read during the year. I must say some of them are commendable. I’ve seen counts of over a hundred. *clapping*

Then there are people like me who got through around 10. My number stands at 8.5 at the moment. Shameful. But I have an excuse. I started studying in July, so I put my other reading on hold for a time. Still, shameful.

But one thing I don’t do sadly, is keep a log of the books I’ve read. This is something I’m definitely going to start doing in 2016. May be that will help me read more as well. I see many people share their book log. I do share what I’m reading from time to time. So let’s see. I could do it on Good Reads, it’s so convenient but, for now, I think I’ll just do it the good ol’ way, a list on pen and paper…. Happy Reading for 2016.