Every few months, I think about why I blog. I even think about giving up every once in a while when I realise that may be I’m not writing as often as I should. Or because I don’t have that many followers. Or why am I doing this at all?

But then I realise, that I blog because I like it. I like the followers I do have and enjoy their comments. I’d love to have more followers but, that’s not the sole reason I blog. I blog because I like it. I like writing and I like that my thoughts are out there somewhere in the world.

When someone likes reading my posts and follows my blog, I feel immensely honoured. But it doesn’t mean I’m writing to please people. Very often I think people fall into this trap. I think I’ve fallen into this trap once in a while. For lack of a better words, the high you feel with “likes”, “comments” and “follows”, makes you want to write more posts that will appeal to people. This kind of creates a pressure to be different from who you are and what you want to say. But then you realise that you started out to write, because you had something to say, or certain things you wanted to share. It should be that like minded people will like reading what you have to say, rather that you trying to anticipate what people will like.

For now, I haven’t lost hope and I will keep blogging. I enjoy it and will keep writing about random things, silly things, or just my life, hoping there are people out there who will like reading it. I know I really like reading blogs like that. So no, I’m not giving up, I’m not quitting.