A little life among concrete

The picture was taken in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We don’t see a lot of green here. Just a lot of buildings. But there is an attempt to plant more trees. Go green! 

This picture was taken with the iPhone 6 Plus and edited using Adobe Apps. It’s part of my attempt to go back to doing creative stuff. 

7 thoughts on “A little life among concrete

  1. Hi FW (Frosty Window),
    You came by my blog today while I was on my lunch hour, and I wanted to come by your blog to say “thank you.” Look what I find– the most amazing photo.
    I am trying to improving my blog photography. I’ve started using BeFunky and will be blogging about it this weekend.
    Thanks again for the visit to my site and for liking my new productivity post.

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  2. Perhaps it depends on where your place is located… we live not too far away from the City but far away from the hustle and bustle (20mins by car) and yes they were a lot of trees in our neighborhood and Parks are a plenty πŸ™‚ I like your photo.

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