Words not spoken

I can’t remember where I watched this… On some show. The guy is really angry, so he writes an email saying all the nasty things he has in mind about everyone. Of course, it was comedy and he hits send so it turns out to be a disaster and he goes about cleaning up his mess. 
But, there’s a lot of truth in that. It’s good to get anger out. Sometimes we’re just angry at the world or just one person. Sometimes life sucks. And the only way to feel better is to let it out. Sometimes talking to a friend is helpful but, more often that not, we don’t want even our friends to hear these angry words. So writing it out is probably the only way. 

I do this a lot…. Mostly in my journal. I keep bitching and nagging about the same thing until it’s finally out of my system. The best part is there’s no one to read it and no one to judge me. Well, until the journal falls into the wrong hands…. 

2 thoughts on “Words not spoken

  1. lol this made me think of Mean Girls – when the Burn Book got discovered. I agree with this entirely. Sometimes venting is what is needed to get over a rough time. Lord knows I’ve done it a time too many, probably lol

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