It can’t be just her wanting to see him and talk to him. She knows it’s not. The last time they met, sure, she reached over and touched his arm. But it was him who held her hand and, it was him who decided to hold her. She was hesitant. After all, they had decided to be friends. She met him to talk, to say “I hope things won’t be awkward.” Things weren’t awkward at all. They talked like they always did. Incessant conversation about anything and everything. And laughter… There was always a lot of laughter.

And then the sun came up and things were different again. He was different and she had changed. He wanted to go back to being friends yet again. He had good reasons and she understood them. She always understood him.

But, things would never be the same again for her.

Her world had changed. She realized that she had always been in love with him. It was ten years later and all the reasons she had liked him to begin with were still there. If anything, he was 10 years more mature. When he told her she was always the one and that he had loved her from the very beginning, she didn’t realize it could be that way. But now she knew what he meant.

It has taken them 10 years, some distance and a lot of heart break with other people to get to this point. But, the right thing to do is to walk away from it. Yet it doesn’t feel right. It feels like she wants to talk to him and see him everyday. She senses that he will miss her too. They both agree that they belong together but, it’s complicated. So now what?