I’m faced with an interesting situation. I just got a job offer… something that will uproot my life and make me have to move to a new country. It’s a fantastic offer. It put me two levels above where I am right now. It’s not ideal because it’s a smaller country and therefore, I smaller market but, the position is lucrative. With what I’ve been feeling about my current job, I should say yes in a heartbeat. But then it’s a lot of logistics to work out as well. I’m a single mother and we just got into a great school. Priorities change…So I’m confused.

I feel like if I were a man, I wouldn’t think twice about it. And this is probably why women don’t progress as much in their career, let alone single moms. But my gut says, yes. So I should seriously think about it. My favorite saying at one time used to be… “Jump of the bridge and make you’re wings on the way down”… life changes when you’re responsible for people other than yourself. I guess we don’t always have the luxury of jumping off the bridge. Planning becomes important and thinking twenty steps ahead becomes the norm. Still, I feel I can be brave and jump of that bridge….I’ll just have to make stronger wings on my way down.