I have to say, Filofax has come up with a number of interesting new options for their binders. When I say options, I mainly mean size. Over the years Filofax has brought us many beloved binders with different kinds of leathers and inside pocket layouts. But this time, in a very short span of time, they decided to bring out some options that I’ve been longing for:

  • A simple compact layout for the A5 – The new Heritage Binders. While I loved the freedom of the A5 size, carrying it around always seemed like a horrific pain in my neck, literally. They had the Boston which was pretty popular, never could find one when I wanted to buy it and then they had the Clipbooks which I used for a while but rings were still way too big. The Heritage seems perfect now.
  • A full length back pocket on the Personal / Personal Compact  – The Classic Croc – One of the main reasons I struggled between A5 and Personal was the need to carry loose A4 paper. With the A5, it was simple to fold it in half and stuff into the pocket. While this feature of the full length back pocket was always there on the Pocket size binders, I don’t think I’ve ever come across one on the Filofax Personal size. The Classic Croc has a luxurious leather and the Personal Compact size has quickly become my favourite because its seems to cater to all my needs.
  • Finally the slims – Personal Slim and Pocket Slim – While not exactly my preference, I can see how they can appeal to people who want to carry lightweight while travelling or even for people who don’t carry bags. This is so convenient to be stuffed into a pocket. I know FF did make Personal Slims in the past but, these look way better and the color options on the Lockwoodare superb. The pocket slim is also a welcome edition and I might just end up buying one.

I would seem that Filofax may be following the comments and posts made by the Philofaxy community. We finally have options that we have been wishing for. Also, by the way, there are some great reviews of the Heritage A5 and the Slim on the website worth checking out. 

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Filofax in any way. I just happen to love their products for many years now.*