I received my A5 Compact Heritage from Filofax today. There’s a nice detailed review done by Steve on Philofaxy which you can view there. But I thought I’d do a quick review on some of the issues I noticed. fullsizerender

  • NO pockets, not even a secretarial flap. This could probably help with those of us who have an overstuffing problem but still, none?! There is a leather flyleaf with a top opening which is slit in half at the back to slip in scraps of paper but it’s not big enough to carry an A5 size (or folded A4). This is a bit of a problem since I’m sure we’re all prone to having additional pages that we just want to stick in there.
  • No closure. This makes it essentially a ring-bound notebook. While it adds to the sleekness of the binder, it also means just throwing it in your bag or car may not be the best idea. I would always be worried of the book flying open.This also means again, it won’t hold loose paper like binder with snap closure or a zipper would.
  • It’s quite floppy. There’s no stiffener. While I love binders without stiffeners because the leather feels softer, this one seems to be a bit too floppy. Probably best used on a desk. I guess I’ll know better once I use it in full force.
  • The leather feels very nice and the color is simply superb. The cotton cream inserts lend a beautiful touch to it. It’s got a great look. Sleek, stylish, minimalistic. Makes it great for an upsize everyday carry. 

I’m glad I bought it. I wanted to grab it up before it got sold out or discontinued. I know I would’ve regretted it later if I had missed it.