For the longest time my work life had been fully integrated into my personal life. Working in a client facing role meant being called in the evenings and on the weekends. It also meant I was one of those people who constantly checked my Blackberry because replying to work emails instantly seemed to be paramount. But, after 12-hour work days and not leaving work even after leaving work, I started to get burned out. It was bound to happen at some point.

I started to feel perpetually exhausted, moody and even started to get sick more often. So I made a decision to “curb my enthusiasm” when it came to work. I realized that while is work is important, so am I. Being unhappy and tired will not make me a good worker.

While I still work 12-hour days, on occasion, I’ve decided to make sure not bring work home. I’m trying my best never to check work emails in the evening unless I know I will expect an important email. I’ve started to keep my work planner and personal planner separate. I still maintain one diary but at least I don’t have to look my list of work to-do’s, meeting notes, etc..

I’m making a conscious effort to read more, relax more and just spend time with family and friends. I’ve put my extra time to good use as well. I’ve managed to pass two levels of my professional certification and I’ve started drawing / painting again. I have to say, while I still get stressed out occasionally, I do feel that I’m a happier person.