I took a very short break in between. Seemed like forever since I’d taken time off from work. Although this was no vacation because I had mainly taken  time off to help a friend with recovery from surgery, it still felt good to be away from the daily stress of working and having to deal with my bosses.

On the flight back, I met an old friend. We had started out in the financial industry together. Soon after, he left the job and pursued various endeavors. We got to talking and I found out he was travelling to attend several conferences related to a couple of his various pursuits, one of which is related to comic books. Needless to say, I was impressed. I told him as much. I told him it is not easy to muster the courage to follow one’s passions and it’s admirable that he has done just that.

These days I look at my life and realize that there is not one thing I’m doing that I really like. I used to love my job and at some point I did feel like I was doing something worthwhile. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that way anymore. My job has become more a pursuit of sales targets and making the numbers rather than actually adding value to the client. What’s even sadder is that the attitude seems to prevail largely in the industry leading to clients also believing that what we do is not in their best interests. Maybe I’ve become cynical or maybe I’m just not in the best work environment but, the point is I would like to go back to doing something I love. I used to be passionate about this job that I do and possibly with the right institution I may be able to regain that.

However, it would seem like more and more I would like to try something different. Change my line of work to follow something else I may be passionate about. I haven’t thought it all the way through and I know that it will be something before I can make the change. I suppose it will just have to be work in progress.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” —Nelson Mandela