Reading Round-up: 2017 start

One of my goals for the year was definitely reading more. Last year I read only 18 books. Well, that’s much more than I’ve read in the past couple of years but, I’m determined to make that score higher this year. I have one more exam to go so I guess there will be a break in between. Still, I know I can do better if I spend a little less time watching TV shows.

The year is off to a good start. So far it’s only the 20th and I’ve already read 3 books.

Well, to be fair none of them are huge. But, they are books I’ve always wanted to read and never got around to. So, I can check of some names on my wish list.

The next endeavour will be a big challenge. Standing tall at 1168 pages, I’ve decided to read….Atlas Shrugged. This will probably be the longest book I’ve ever read. So here goes…


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