My exam is coming up. I can’t believe I have just a month left. I was so sure that I would start early this time and I would have enough time to get through everything. I also thought the pace of my new job would help me find time to study. The first month seemed quite slow and I really thought wow, so I would have some extra time to study everyday.

Hah!… I spoke to soon. Not only are my days busy, they are loooooong. I end up working 12 to 13 hours a day and after all the reading and meetings and phone calls, I hardly have the will to study. So I’ve had a major set back over the past few weeks and now I’m freaking out.

This is the last level and really want to get through. I know I have to ramp up the pace but, again… I’m just exhausted. I plan to take some time off before the exam but, there’s only so much one can do with a week before the test. Nevertheless, I have to give it my best and see where I end up.