Pen review

I went crazy and ordered a bunch of pens on Amazon. Collecting pens has been a hobby for a very long time. I got three different types 

  1. Sharpie Pen – this is like a fine liner felt tip. I think it’s one of the best ultra fine felt pens I’ve used. Much smoother than the Maped or Staedtler. The nibs are quite strong too so I don’t think their liable to bend, fray or break. 
  2. Uni Ball Vision Elite BLX: this is writes like the regular Uni Ball rollerball pens. But the ink colors are unique, infused with black so they look really nice. I don’t like the grip on these pens and they are slightly scratchy when you write (even on Clairefontaine paper)
  3. Uni Ball Air: I think I’ve found a new love. The nibs are so unique and the flow is bold. They are extremely smooth. I’ve put in a picture down below which shows the nib and the writing. The only downside is the slight feathering. 

4 thoughts on “Pen review

  1. Hi, such a fun post! I like pens waytoomuch. A while back, you posted about another pen (EnerGel Liquid Gel Ink) and I’ve got one of those in Needle Tip 0.5 and it has been very enjoyable so far. Oh and your handwriting looks so lovely! 🙂

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    1. Oh thank you… especially for the handwriting compliment. I love pens too. It’s such a joy to find one that writes well. If you like bold writing I would urge you to check out the uni ball air.


    1. It’s not a felt tip. But it’s lovely and u can get 0.5 and 0.7 sizes. It really is lovely but it’s not thin. If you like bold or bolder, then this is for you.


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