This is probably a never-ending debate…. to print or not to print. I never felt to bad about reading a documents that were 3 to 5 pages long. But, these days my work has me reading documents that are 40 pages long. My boss just can’t read off a computer screen, not even a 5-page document. He insists on printing and making notes. While I love doing the same, I feel terribly guilty about printing large documents, especially those that are not needed to be stored. But I have a real problem reading on the screen for too long. I seem to lose focus, and not being able to mark up a document, makes it much more difficult for me to find any of my comments later on. Our company lawyer on the other hand insists on scanning everything to him. I was quite amazed when he said he almost never reads paper documents anymore. I don’t have much of a problem reading from a kindle but I suppose that is at a more leisurely pace and I don’t need to highlight and make notes. It’s interesting that studies show, reading from paper can greatly improve your comprehension. I knew that would be true. But what’s ironic is that we like to read books and documents in paper while most of us spend our day reading articles and blogs online.