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I took a short break to go to my home country and visit my family. We all lived in one big house and when I go back, I still go and stay in my old room. My books and journals still remain in the room. It’s not odd that growing up, I had more books than any other possession. It continues to be so till today. But, what I really love doing is browsing through my old journals each time I go back. These were my teenage years, when I had “oh so many emotions”. The whole world seemed different back then and I knew so little of it. It’s so interesting to see how my emotions, fears and thought processes have changed…. not to mention my handwriting.

What seemed so very important back then, seem so trivial now. All I could do was smile. Some of the things I wrote sound downright silly now. But, I wouldn’t change a day of it. Who I was back then and everything I went through have shaped who I am today.

It’s been over 10 years since I left that house but still every time I drive away, I feel a little sadness. It was a wonderful 5 days with my whole family and I’m missing them already….