It seems like whichever way I turn, every life coach, every productivity book, every planner system and every other article / blog keeps stressing the importance of goals in one’s life. Now this is not a foreign concept to me. I’ve always had short term or long term goals. But I don’t think I have been very good at defining my goals properly and been even worse at following through with them.

Over last 15 years of my life, I have let my focus on work rule how I live my life. I have let it rule how much energy I have for myself and my family and where I am headed.  On the one hand, my goals always involved either short-term work goals, like getting things done or achieving a sales target or closing a deal. On the other hand, my personal goals involved getting that next promotion or role. The only good goal I had in the last few years was deciding to finish my professional certification and take my family for a proper vacation.

About a month ago I decided to make a huge change in my life and quit my job. I am now on the road to starting my own practice and I’ve come to realize that if I want to succeed, I need to define my goals properly. Most importantly I need to work towards my goals. It’s not easy knowing where to start but, it’s important to start. For now, I’m just listing out everything I want to achieve, big or small, work or personal. As the days go by, I will re-organize these goals into larger goals with smaller steps or tasks to achieve them. I think just like Maslow’s theory, I will create a hierarchy of goals.

I’m hopeful to turn things around in my life and I’m starting with setting the right goals.