Pushpin on calendar with busy day.

  1. At first, it feels weird not having a full time job after 15 years of office life. It feels weird not having a lot of people around you.
  2. Life is still quite busy… I don’t have as much time on my hands as I thought I would. I do however, get to cook interesting meals.
  3. Self-discipline is so important. Sticking to a schedule for work and organizing oneself are key skills. Even though I was so good at this at my job, I’m having a bit of a struggle now.
  4. I feel like I have to get dressed and go out everyday. I’m finding excuses to head out and do something or the other.
  5. I’m constantly having to correct myself from saying unemployed to saying self-employed.
  6. Staying positive. There are times when I’m freaking out, not knowing how long I can sustain on my savings. But I’m trying very hard to remain positive with daily affirmations and gratitude for small wins.
  7. Focus!