This is something new for me. I have always been a one planner girl. At the moment, I’m using an Erin Condren Life Planner and it’s great for planning out my week in details and big enough to track everything I want. But, now that I’m a consultant and back to meeting clients at their offices, I have to be on the move a lot and carrying the Life Planner with me everywhere doesn’t feel appropriate. I don’t always take my car everywhere so I feel that I need something that I can keep in my bag to keep track of my to-do’s if I’m out all day. Sure, I can always use my phone but, I just don’t like doing that. I’d much rather have it on paper. Old habits die hard.

Enter my pocket rings. I invested in the LV PM Agenda about a year ago to have a personal tracker with me at all times. It contains my various reference numbers like login info, bank account numbers, a few emergency phone numbers, emergency cash and some passport sized photographs.

I simply love this binder. It’s has very small rings (probably 13mm) and not many pockets so I can’t stuff it. The cover is made of a coated leather called Taiga leather which is scratch resistant and holds up extremely well. The overall size is smaller than a Filofax pocket and it’s sleek enough to fit in even the smallest of my bags.

I took a few pages out of my old Hobonichi Techo which I stopped using from 2017 and cut them up. Punched holes in them and voila, I have myself a little notebook with Tomoe River paper that doesn’t add to the bulk and best of all, I can use my fountain pen as well.

I decided not to use dated pages specifically because I want a free format like a bullet journal so a day can take up more than a page and not a page at all. I can use it for notes, ideas and any odd thing I feel like. I guess I couldn’t resist going back to rings!