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Certainly not a laptop or an Ipad! 

Working as a financial consultant means working on projects with very sensitive data. It also means often having to sketch out ideas or carry additional papers. Most importantly, you want to create a realtionship and instill a sense of dependability. This doens’t happen with electronic devices coming in between. So, I went back to my good old “yellow pad” and lovely leather padfolio. I feel a lot more organized on-the-go and far more organized. 

When I worked in the corporate world, I used an A5 notebook particularly by Hobonichi. It was helpful that I had all my notes in one place and I could refer back to any external meeting notes during my internal meetings or vice versa. But this is not the case anymore and a notebook no longer suffices.

There’s another odd reason that I like the padfolio. I feel that the client feels a lot more comfortable. A notebook is quite personal and when you’re scribbling in it, the client may hesistate to glance over. The Yellow Pad is large and the client can easily glance over knowing that they can read what you’ve written at any time.

What did I get?

The padfolio I got was from Leathorology. This is just my personal opinion but they are one of the best I’ve found. The leather is soft but the folio has a stiffener or backing which means I don’t need a table to write and I love this especially at coffee shops. I got the deluxe version with gusseted pocket and it fits my little laptop perfectly. To top it all off, I got it monogrammed with my initials. The website sells a whole host of colors and styles and for the price they charge, it’s an excellent product. I’m tempted to get a second one in burgundy.