Every time I come up with an idea for an article or a blog post, it seems to be taken. A simple search on Google shows me that whatever I’ve thought up isn’t so unique and there are a hundred people out there with similar ideas. So what do you do? Do you just stop writing or give up?

For the longest time, I did give up. I started to think, there’s either nothing new left to write about or I just don’t have anything new to think of. I chalked it up to lack of creativity or simply mental block. May be I had simply lost my knack for writing and it’s something I just shouldn’t pursue.

The idea of just giving up didn’t sit well with me though. I’m not one to give up. I’m usually very persistent to the point of being a little obsessive. I began to think it can’t be so. It can’t be that every idea I think of has already been written by someone out there. It suddenly struck me how silly I was being and I realized that I possibly did have a mental block.

I realized that while it may be true that the unique idea may not exist per se, my take on the idea was still unique. As long as I wasn’t stealing someone else’s view of the idea, it was still very much unique and still very much mine. My voice, my thought process can possibly make all the difference. Ideas are out there, how they are spun and how they are executed is what makes each idea unique.

So, I’m not giving up anymore. I will keep writing from my point of view even if the idea is not exactly unique.