Here are my thoughts for the week

1) It’s the end of the school year for us here in Dubai and I’m getting ready to travel home with my family.

I’m always nervous when I travel even if it’s going back home. I need to make a list and I always feels like I’m forgetting something.

2) A book I read: The Grand Design – Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow

I’m a big fan of Stephen Hawking. I have all his books and I’ve read some of his academic papers. I hadn’t gotten around to this one. It’s a short book with some very basic ideas. I don’t think it was long enough to bring any of those ideas out too clearly. I’d give it a 3/5 rating

3) The kindness of people

Very often we come across people who surprise you with their kindness. This week someone showed me that there are still good people out there, people who care and people who will show you compassion.