I can’t believe it’s already August. The year started really slow for me and then the past couple of months seemed to have just whizzed by. Today has been a trying day and last month was very hectic. I just hope August brings some much needed relief.

Moving again: 

I’m just the kind of person who likes to stay put. I’ve only ever lived in three houses my entire life and I’m close to 40. This time I can’t help it, but I think this move will do me some good. I’m moving for the obvious reason – rent increase. Although I have to admit, I never really felt at home in this apartment so may be this would be a welcome change and may bring some positive vibes into my life as well. Nevertheless, moving is always a pain!



I posted my very first post on Medium. I’ve just been wanting to give it a try and I did. I read somewhere that it’s not a good idea to post the same article to your website as it interferes with the SEO or something to that effect. So I’ve decided not to repost articles here but rather to just link them.


Words of wisdom:

Sometimes you read something that instantly make you feel better. I’ve been feeling a bit down and lost with work. Things are just not moving along as I had hoped. Today I came across something beautiful written by Ben Taylor at HomeWorkingClub.com and it immediately made me realize that I am not alone. Ben Taylor has a great website and is one of the few I subscribe to. I urge you to check it out.

“The point here is that when you work for yourself, you HAVE to keep getting back up – again and again. You don’t get to get signed off sick, or to throw the towel in with a website because Google have decided to push some other blog ahead of you in the search.

There’s been a LOT of “getting back up” this year, and at times it’s been really, REALLY tough. I’ve been freelancing for long enough to know the importance of resilience, but 2019 has brought it home to me once again – BIG TIME.” – Freelancing 2019: Ten Things I’ve Learned www.homeworkingclub.com