Let me begin by saying this is a personal post and a slightly depressing one. I’m probably not in the best frame of mind to be writing a post at the moment. But, here goes anyway. 

I’ve been failing to make money and the bills are piling up on me. 

It’s been a challenging few months. I quit my job earlier this year to start my own consulting practice and I must say that I was very lucky to sign on 3 clients within a month. But none of this work comes with regular income. The nature of the work is such that I only get paid if the deal is complete. I knew the market was slow but I had hoped to have made progress on at least one of the deals since then.

There hasn’t been much progress. 

I did get paid a measly amount for some small projects but that’s about it. The day the money came in, it was already out the door to pay bills. 

I’ve been warned on numerous occasions that venturing out on your own is not for everyone. It’s not easy and there will be times that I will struggle. I knew this going in but I still find it hard to accept. 

Some part of me also feels like I’m not doing enough. I want to do more but either I haven’t been able to make the time or I feel lost as to what I should be doing. 

Seeing as how I thought I would have a lot of time on my hands, I thought I would try out a couple of the freelancing websites. After a couple of months of bidding, I’ve given up. It doesn’t seem to fit. Fiverr was a better option and there was some progress but not enough to give me an income stream.

I come across articles everyday on how people make a six-figure income just by blogging and I’ve wondered if I could start. I don’t think it’s as easy as they make it seem. I think it requires a lot of time and patience. I do admire the people who’ve been able to do it and want to find a way to get close. 

I’ve been trying to manifest success into my life. But when I have days like these, it’s hard to see to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to say that even though it’s an uphill battle, I should remain positive. The truth is, it’s easier said than done. I don’t think I made a mistake with the decision I made. I would have regretted if I didn’t.

I know it’s too early to get frustrated or depressed. Normally, I am a very positive person and I always try to keep my head up. But, I’m failing to make any money and it’s getting to me.