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It has been a very long and tiring week. I moved to my new apartment on Sunday and thought I would take a couple of days off. Not a chance. Work just piled up and it didn’t stop until today.

Staying positive:

I’m usually a very positive person but I haven’t been holding up very well over the past couple of weeks. I’m sure the exhaustion I’m feeling is exacerbating the situation. I never thought I would have to fight to feel optimism. It is a struggle for me these days. Nevertheless, I will keep fighting.


Self Hosting

I’ve been reading about how self-hosting your blog is a good idea. So, on a whim I decided to check if my name was available with a .com. And what do you know, it was! I went ahead and bought it. I don’t really want to move this blog there. I’ve had this blog for 10 years now and even if it’s not famous, it’s always been my little space on the World Wide Web.

500 posts

My last post was my 500th post. That averages out to less than one blog per week for this site. Pretty shameful as blogs go but I’m quite pleased with myself. Even if I haven’t been regular, I’ve still stuck with it. Despite how busy my life has been, I’ve at least never thought about closing down the blog even if I don’t have a huge number of people reading it. I know a lot bloggers out there who’ve just moved on and I’m glad I’m not one of them.

Happy Thursday all….