More writing, more blog posts

I’m very proud of myself this week. I really started to focus on my writing, and I’ve managed to write at least 5 blog posts for this site and Medium.

The more I wrote, the more I got into the flow of writing and words came naturally. Some of it may not have been first-class material but, I hope to get there in time.

Not surprisingly, the key to getting started was to shun technology. I’ve always loved writing long-form by hand. My planners are paper, my journals are paper and even my work notes are paper. So, I was kidding myself thinking that I could use only technology to get my writing flowing.


Something I’m working on

My elevator pitch – in other words, a description of what I do.

When I first heard this term, it amused me. I always pictured myself in an elevator explaining what I do. I never had a problem with that. My job description was always quite clear, and I knew exactly how to summarize it.

Since I started consulting, I find myself fumbling for the words and trying to explain exactly what I do. Then I started to think maybe it’s because I don’t have my job description written down, so to speak.

Everyone should be able to explain what they do in simple terms (unlike Leonard on the Big Bang Theory). The idea is to be able to explain your niche in a way that could be simplified so you sound relatable.


A quote I liked

Even the darkest hour is only 60 minutes – Morris Mandel


Happy Thursday All!