28 Nov 2019
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Lazy Week

I’ve had a really lazy week. I don’t feel like I accomplished very much other than putting out one or two blog posts. Work has slowed down considerably and there doesn’t seem to be much movement in the market. Just last week, I felt things were picking up and this week nothing. I think I may have jinxed it. Haha!

Not working means no money for me so that can’t be a good thing. I don’t think I’ve ever been obsessed about earning money until now, when I know I don’t have any semblance of a steady stream of income coming in. I live from deal to deal and thus far, I’ve only been able to make just barely enough to cover my bills.


Humbling thoughts

Earlier this week, I was speaking to one my ex-bosses who’s recently changed companies. He asked me if I would be interested in working for him. Without hesitation, I said yes. A few years ago, my career was on an upward trajectory and I was a rising star in the corporate world. I would never have even considered this company.

Life teaches you lessons. I never thought that I was a particularly arrogant person, and in fact I’ve always been careful about being humble. But I certainly wasn’t in the mindset to take a step back or down. I realize now that there were a few more lessons in humility that I had to learn and probably still have to learn.


A book I read

Mark Twain’s – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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When the book was put on my daughter’s list this year, I thought I’d give it a go. I had read a very brief abridged version when I was a kid and I’ve always been curious about reading the entire book. It’s not a long book but it’s a lengthy book. I think I was better off with eh abridged version. I struggled a bit to get through it. While the “adventures” were cheeky and enjoyable, the long-winded descriptions were overkill. Most of the characters were mundane and I wasn’t even sure why they in the book.

One good thing though, was it cleared up my misconception about the Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. I was always under the impression that Huck Finn was the naughtier of the boys and kept getting Tom into trouble, when in reality it was the other way. Turns out, Huck Finn was actually the sweeter, gentler one.

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