New Year, Old Planner.png

How could I not start the year with a planner post? So here we go…

Last year I had quite the ride with all my planners and at last count, I was up to number 9. The “strings” concept seemed to work for me when I started to give the Erin Condren Petite Planner a try. Soon after I took out my old Midori Traveler’s Notebook and decided to give it a go again.

The leather is beautifully scratched because I’d bought back in 2014 from Kinokuniya, when it had just started gaining popularity in planner circles.

Back then, the Midori Traveler’s Notebook failed as a planner for me.

So what’s different this time?
1) Fewer insets makes it lie flat. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. I was crazy enough too add extra elastics and wanted a separate book for everything in my life. I think I put in 6 + 2 plastic inserts! Now I use only 4 + 1 plastic.

2) I don’t use it for client meetings which was a big issue for me then. I thought it didn’t look professional enough. Now I use a padfolio for client meetings… I guess I’m getting wiser with age.

3) After many, many years of being a diehard Filofax user, I’ve managed to to terms with the fact that there are other types of planners out there.

Diary Layouts

I only make layouts one week at a time in the lined notebooks which gives me the option to experiment with various layouts. Currently it’s a 2 pages per day with the weekend squashed into one. Our weekends are Fridays and Saturdays in Dubai, in case you were wondering.

Traveler's Notebook Diary Layout
Traveler’s Notebook Diary Layout

Forward planning goes in the monthly insert, which is the blank one from Midori / Travelers Company. Again, because I like my weeks to start on Sunday.

Other Inserts

  • Midori / Travelers Company 013 Insert with 128 pages – I get my favorite fountain pen friendly, Tomoe River Paper. I use this as a commonplace book, collecting quotes, song lyrics, blog ideas and anything else I find interesting.
Muji Semi-bleached A5 Notebook
  • Muji Semi-Bleached Paper (cut down to size from A5) – the paper is also lightweight and fountain pen friendly. I use this for my work notes and ideas.
Plastic pouch from Traveler’s Company
  • Midori / Traveler’s Company Zipper Pouch with Pockets – Very useful for storing bits and pieces of paper.

I decided to wait a couple of months before I wrote this post but honestly, I’m recalling liking my set up this time. I’ve spent too much time with planners to ever call one planner perfect or to claim I have planner peace. But, at least that nagging feeling that my planner needs to be tweaked has not reared its ugly head yet.

Here’s to a year of happy planning…