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It’s been a very busy week. So busy, in fact, I completely forgot that today was already Thursday. But, these days I have to say that a busy week is a blessing. Busy means there’s a possibility for me to generate some cash. The new year seems to have brought new hope and revived the market somewhat.


Saving the Planet…

This week was the World Economic Forum in Davos. A major theme for the year was climate control and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I’ve had the privilege to work somewhat on SDGs in the past two years but, it was nowhere near what I would have liked to do. Working in finance and banking doesn’t mean that I can’t be involved in saving the planet. My one dream in life is to use my work to make a difference, even if it a small one. It’s about time to turn my dream into a goal…a sustainable goal!

The Career of Choice

Another interesting article about the conference at Davos mentions that the career of choice among young people is becoming a lawyer. The writer found it very interesting that basic professions like being a lawyer or a banker were still something people considered despite the fact that we are in a digital age. I suppose the thought process was that young people should’ve been choosing something much more jazzy and “progressive”?! I for one, am glad that people realize that some professions will always be needed. Coincidently, my daughter now wants to be an environmental lawyer and I applaud her choice.


Happy Thursday all!!