I live in Dubai. For us, the week starts on Sunday and the weekends are Friday and Saturday. So for me a constant struggle is to find planners with a Sunday-start.

For years, I made do with weekly or monthly planners that started on Monday. It would throw me off sync on occasion when I looked at the wall calendar or my phone but, I managed.

It never occurred to me to just change the dates around. But then what use was a planner if I had to re-write all the days? I might as well use a notebook.

When I discovered that Filofax made a Sunday-start WO2P for the Personal size, which is my preferred size anyway, I was absolutely elated.

I got so used to using the Sunday start that until Hobonichi entered my life, I never even bothered with any other layout.

I loved the Hobonichi paper and the fact that everything could fit into one book. Unfortunately, the Techo Cousin has a Monday start for both months and weeks. I tried to make it work until one day I really messed up on appointments. I was looking at my calendar on my laptop and on my weekly layout and completely mistook Tuesday for Wednesday. After that, I started to re-write the days in the Hobonichi to a Sunday-start.

These days, there are quite a few layouts that start on Sunday, thankfully. Of course, there’s always the ever-flexible Bullet Journal solution.

Here are a few Sunday-start planners.

I’d be so happy to hear if you’ve come across any other Sunday-start Planners.

sunday-start Planners