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The other day I was a watching yet another planner video. The lady was contemplating a purchase of something quite expensive. So she journaled about it till she came to her decision.
I realized that I do the exact same things. My journal is not so much a memory keeper, although I would like it to be. When I flip through my journal, all I see is a lot of venting and problems.
But, I also see that I use it as a constructive way to solve problems and plan out a path. So for example, when I was preparing for these professional exams in the last couple of year, I wrote pages and pages on how best to prepare. I didn’t have the luxury of time or money to do any classes so I decided to do study on my own after 14 hour work days. I was studying for an exam after 11 years. So you can imagine how confused I was about finding my rhythm. The only thing that helped was journaling.
I also journal when I need to make a decision about something. I don’t exactly make a pros and cons list but, write out each thought that comes into my mind. So it essentially boils down to the same thing.
I started writing a journal when I was fifteen. Over the years, I stopped and started a lot of times. But, my journals have always been more about me and my feelings, with a minor bit about other people. I sound so narcissistic right now. But, honestly it’s a very cathartic experience for me.
So, even when I’m troubled with decisions and uncertainty, the first thing I will do is turn to my journal. For the most part, I feel a lot of the problems are quite petty and personal, so I try to write out my path to a solution.