Do you ever feel like your planner could be jinxed?

I know it’s probably one of the oddest things to think. But, I believe it can happen.

I’m not a superstitious person by nature. Sure, I wouldn’t want go breaking any mirrors but I don’t care much about numbers or odd occurrences.

But I could swear that one of my planners is jinxed.

Every time I try to switch to that planner, I end up having a really bad day. I thought I’d tough it and use it for a couple of weeks. When I look back I realized almost nothing went my way for those two weeks.

So I got worried and moved out. I’ve tried a few times now and it seems to always end badly. I know it’s probably my subconscious mind playing it out that way.

But I’m still not risking it any more. I’ve decided to put it away and stick to my “luckier” planners for now.