Image Courtesy: Pexels

One of the major changes I made to my planning process this year is using a B5 sized planner – the Passion Planner Weekly in Medium. I’d never used such a large planner before. The most I managed successfully was an A5 size, that too, a Hobonichi, which is quite compact as far as A5 planners go. 

But, this was different. I loved the space and I loved the layout. I started with the planner in February and I have to admit that I’m still using it every day. It just seems like with a planner of that size, there’s space for absolutely everything. So I not only had my daily to-do’s, appointments and lists but also, daily gratitude, space to doodle and occasional journaling. 

I can completely understand why the planner community loves the Passion Planner so much. For a planner with so much structure, it gives you a lot of freedom as well. 

Needless to say, the size worked great as I mostly worked from home and then was forced to work from home. There was no issue laying out on the kitchen table or on my bed, and I felt liberated not carrying it on grocery runs. 

With the pandemic situation, I’m absolutely not comfortable taking my planner out of my bag. 

Alas, all good things must come to an end…

As I resumed office life, things begin to weigh down on me (pun intended!). I was carrying so much and I needed everything to be secured in my bags. I just don’t want to risk exposure of anything that’s inside my bag. So I’m back to the good old “healthier” option of a smaller planner. 

The whole point of this post was to say that…. This pandemic situation seemed like the most opportune time to switch to a larger planner. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of all the extra space. So much so that I even took out my A5 Filofax in another failed attempt to start using it as a work planner. A girl can dream…

I know a lot of people have had to make planner adjustments during this pandemic situation. I’m just grateful that I still have use for a planner and I pray the situation improves for all of us out there.