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As I try to get my writing habit flowing, I realize that I’m constantly on the lookout for ideas. I’d always convinced myself that either I had nothing new to write about or I didn’t have much to say, even if I found a topic. So, I’d just give up and not write. 

Now, I feel like I’m looking at every conversation, every book, every news article for an angle. An angle to turn into a blog post. Since, I’ve decided to be regular on both my personal and professional blogs, I see everything as a post that might fit into one category or the other. 

Turns out, the world is full of ideas. Even if an idea is taken, the story hasn’t been told through your voice. So, the fact that everything has already been written about doesn’t concern me much anymore. 

Google any idea you want to write about, I guarantee you someone has already written about it. So what? That shouldn’t stop you. Take an idea, read what other people have written about it, and you own twists and opinions. Let other people’s writing inspire you. 

This is how great ideas are born. Eventually, you probably will find a topic that hasn’t been written about. Who knows? The possibility that it may happen is something to look forward to. It’s a reason to keep writing in your original voice, even if it’s an idea that’s been written about before. 

Once you start viewing the world as a veritable reservoir of ideas, you won’t be able to stop.