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I’m not a gadget enthusiast. My two gadgets have always been a cellphone and a laptop. I changed my laptop after 9 years, and gave my old one to my daughter. I changed my phone after 4 years. So you see, Apple launches seldom have an effect on me. The only reason for me to get excited in September is my birthday. 

Having said that, I recently explored buying an iPad. I won’t lie, I had an iPad way back when it weighed more than a MacBook Air. What I really wanted was a hybrid between my phone and laptop, yet the iPad in the early 2010’s were just bigger iPhones, even worse possibly. So, in true form, I gave mine away and never bothered to look back, until now. 

Was I ever surprised by the new iPad Pro…

A Substitute for Printing Reams of Paper 

I have to read a ton of financing documents. Anyone who’s ever seen a bond prospectus can vouch for the fact that brevity is of no concern to bankers. Throw in a mix of advisors and lawyers and you can end up with 300 page documents, easily. The iPad was a brilliant solution to this problem. It’s lightweight, almost printer paper size and with the new operating system, you can actually use a flash drive to transfer documents. It’s convenient and eco-friendly. 

Marking Up Documents

My other vice is highlighting and note-taking. With the new Apple Pencil, the process is seamless. I’ve attempted to use Styluses in the past (like the MS Surface) but, nothing compares to Apple experience with the Pencil. You can highlight, take notes and make comments just as you would with pen and paper. The keyboard is also pretty efficient. I splurged a little on the old keyboard. But, the key spacing allows for very smooth typing.


I like leather bags which give my shoulders a workout, as it is. Then I have my planner, wallet, keys and so much more. So I just can’t deal with too much additional weight. I won’t say that the iPad doesn’t weigh anything but it’s less than 500grams which put it at about a pound. I’ve had planners that weigh more than that. And it certainly beats carrying around an extra bag full of papers. 


It costs a lot… but, I managed to get it on an instalment plan where I pay about $50 a month.So it’s worked out perfectly. If I’d have to buy it in one go, I’d probably think twice. But the plan on offer made it a good buy and now that I know how useful it is, I’d have probably saved up to buy it anyway. 

This is not a sponsored post. I’m just very happy with my purchase. I was so skeptical about getting the iPad given my history with it. I don’t like gadgets if I’m not using it to its full capacity. This is one gadget I think was well the splurge.