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I’ve been doing some research into growing my audience. Now, that I’m actually making an effort and trying to re-establish my blogs, I want to give it a real shot.

It’s not like I didn’t know this before. However, I never made time to do the actual work of blogging. And the few times I decided to write something of value, I got through a measly two paragraphs.

I’ve also come to realize that having a steady blog is good way to help people even if they don’t want to buy my services. There’s a lot I’ve learned throughout my 16 years in corporate finance, that I’d like to share with the world. Most people find corporate finance daunting, so if I can help, I’d really like to.

There’s also the issue of misinformation. Most people start imparting financial wisdom after 4 or 5 years in the industry and it’s scary how wrong some of them are. You just cannot be giving out financial advice without the necessary homework. People can really suffer.

What I’ve learned about growing an audience is that people don’t read your content. They read you. Sure, your content needs to be helpful and appealing, but what’s more important is how you position yourself. It’s the case with most marketing and branding in this world. If you position yourself in the right way, people will respond. You need to establish your credibility and the rest will follow.

This will be a long and challenging process but, hopefully rewarding in the end.