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I can’t just write informative articles without research. Most of the posts that I write here are of a personal nature or from experience. This is why I’ve always found it quicker and easier to write here. But, if I’m writing a proper article on say, a company trading in the stock market, I need to do my research.

I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal. But, proper research takes time. It takes a lot of reading and making notes. Often the process is tedious. It’s never easy to maintain a proper informative blog if you’re a one man show. You end up spending a lot of time in the research process if you want to write anything of value at all.

Knowing me, I wouldn’t be satisfied with outsourcing my research. I’ve come to realize over the years, that people don’t seem to want to make an effort to cover things extensively. Most of the time, I’ve received feeble attempts. It’s disappointing really.

However, if you really want a professional blog to provide value, you need to do the research.