The world is tired and people seem to have gone back to their normal lives. People are not wearing masks, not taking precautions and it seems like they’ve accepted that getting Covid is just another fact of life. 

But, I’m still scared. 

I was always fearless when it came to diseases. People with the flu never bothered me because my immunity is strong and I never really got sick. 

However…. This new virus is a totally different story. And, it’s not like I’m doubting my immunity, it’s just that I don’t want to subject my family to that. My daughter has an underlying condition and it’s hard for me to explain to people why I’m so scared. Most people don’t care about your problems unless it affects them. 

In the first few months, it was okay to refuse meetings and ask for phone or video calls. But, people are not interested in online meetings anymore. They want to see your face or part of your face. 

After all, humans are social animals and the need for physical interaction, even at a distance, has peaked. People no longer want to stay at home and it doesn’t matter why they are going out. For the moment, the best thing to say is “business”. It gives them a sense of legitimacy to go out – “I’m going out because I need to not, because I want to.”

And for the low-risk individual, I can understand. They’re not overly concerned about getting sick and facing dire consequences. 

So, the obligation to be safe and the responsibility to take precautions is solely mine. I can’t expect people to care about why I don’t think it’s that important to meet anyone right now. I can’t expect people to believe that I haven’t been out to a mall or to the salon in 9 months. I can’t expect to understand why I’ve pulled my daughter out of regular school and moved her to a completely online school. 

All I know, it’s just not the right time for me to meet people.

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